Seminar and Workshop

Seminar Workshop 8-9 March 2012

Place: Atelier Ilsvika, Trondheim

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Participants: 40 people from the cultural field in Norway, Sweden and Faroe Islands.

The idea and concept of North Cultitude 6263 was developed in this two days workshop.

We presented projects, ideas and possibilities to create a platform for the organization.

DAY 1  – Seminar

Joppe Pihlgren from Generator, Andreas Brännlund from Digitala Verktyg, Sidsel Trønsdal from Interreg and Ole Tolstad from Atelier Ilsvika presented and shared their knowledge into the project. We had an open discussion that concluded to continue, develop and organize projects worldwide in the future.

Lunch break and presentation of the short film “Kropp og sjel”  by the artist Andreas Schille projected in the art cube.

Musicians and artists played an interactive concert. Guitarist Sevrin Gjerde and the drummer Svend Jonny Breiby from Deliters played via Skype.

The session ended with an artist dinner.

DAY 2 – Workshop

The dancers from FancyPants opened the second day with an acrobatic performance and bodypaint by Irene Domínguez Márquez.

Online discussion between Norway, Faroe Islands and Sweden via Skype.

We exchanged ideas reflecting our different cultural attitudes, building a connection for future activities.

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